What is Legacy Bridge?

Rapp & Krock, PC will provide the following services to you during each year you are subscribed to Legacy Bridge. The Firm may add additional services in the future, but will not reduce the services included in your subscription for as long as you remain a subscriber. The services provided to you will include:

  • One of the following, at your choice:
    • Annual Review: a meeting of up to one (1) hour with a Firm attorney to review your existing estate planning documents, any changes in the law, your family dynamics and life events, and your beneficiary designations.
    • Family Meeting: a meeting of up to one (1) hour with your family members, accountants, agents, or other professionals to help explain the plan you have created, and to outline the assistance available in maintaining or settling your plan.
    • Funding Assistance: up to one (1) hour of attorney time to discuss the acquisition of new assets, and to assist with properly funding your estate plans.
  • Secure online portal for your estate planning documents, allowing you to always know where they are, and be able to access them wherever and whenever you need them.
  • Maintain physical custody of original copies of your will and/or trust agreement(s) in a secure location.
  • Semi-annual estate planning review to confirm your plan still meets your needs.
  • Exclusive access to discounts and promotional codes for our select program partners.
  • Periodic legal updates designated to keep you informed of changes in the estate planning environment.

Online Portal


Home to digital copies of your estate planning documents.