Shareholder & Partner Disputes

Starting and running a business with others can be an amazing and rewarding experience, but like in all relationships, unforeseen circumstances and disputes can arise. Rapp & Krock, P.C. is here to help you plan for those contingencies and deal with them if they arise.

Our services include counsel and representation in:

  • Performing and responding to shareholder inspection demands,
  • Negotiating, interpreting, and drafting buy-sell agreements, bylaws, shareholder agreements, and other governing documents,
  • Advising management and/or owners,
  • Litigation of ownership disputes including prosecuting or defending breach of fiduciary duty claims and applications for appointments of receivers.

Rapp & Krock attorneys have extensive experience in assisting members, partners, and majority and minority shareholders in their relations with other shareholders, enforcement of shareholder rights and responsibilities, negotiations and interpretations of governing documents, and guidance through the sometimes tumultuous business divorce process if and when the time to separate arises. Often, the business you own is your livelihood, and you should strive to have every protection of that asset that you can before, during, and after disputes occur.