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Estate Planning & Administration

Our goal is to create a comprehensive and all-encompassing plan for the future, ensure it is carried out, and resolve any probate issues that may arise. We prepare the necessary documents to protect your hard-earned assets, provide advanced directives, and even plan the succession of your business.

Guardianship & Elder Law

We are advocates for your loved ones. We are experienced in disability planning, advising in guardianships and trusts, and planning for long-term care with Texas Medicaid benefits. When the plans for your future are unique, we provide the experience and attention to meet those specific needs.

Have you planned your estate? Life can get busy. That’s why we make planning easy and comprehensive. Through long-term planning and identifying your goals, we can work with your other trusted professionals to ensure your wishes will be carried out. By preparing for future events, expenses, and surprises, you can be confident that your estate supports you and your family.
You’ve worked hard for what you have. Let us protect your assets and hard-earned income from unnecessary taxes and expenses so you can live your life assured that everything you’re working for is protected. We can help you feel certain your loved ones are safe from incurring avoidable financial burdens upon your death or incapacity. Secure your legacy.
Let us provide you peace of mind in knowing your loved ones can focus on remembering and celebrating your life & legacy. In properly planning your estate you will have security in knowing your family is equipped to carry on with the guidance and provisions you’ve supplied.