Estate Planning & Probate
Estate Planning & Probate

We represent executors, administrators, and trustees in all aspects of estate and trust administration including seeking appointment, carrying out his or her duties, and all matters relating to the settlement of an estate and/or trust. We also represent beneficiaries relating to their interest in estates and trusts.

Our practice in this area includes representation in:

  • Business and Corporate Succession Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Directives
  • Lifetime Charitable Giving
  • Marital Property Issues
  • Supplemental Estate Planning Ancillary Documents
  • Trusts
  • Will Contests
At Rapp & Krock, PC, we understand the importance of protecting your family, your assets, and your legacy through careful strategic planning.

When probate disputes arise, the attorneys at Rapp & Krock, PC can also provide representation in claims involving the probate of wills, heirship determinations in probate court, guardianship matters in probate court, trusts and trust management, administration of an estate by an executor or administrator, and ownership of and title to property. These matters can be particularly difficult for the parties because of the grief and loss of many of the litigants, and the familial relationships that are often involved. We understand these practical issues, and help our clients manage complex legal issues in a manner that both recognizes the emotional difficulty of the circumstances, but firmly advocates for our clients’ rights and interests.