Estate Administration & Probate
We represent executors, administrators, and trustees in all aspects of estate and trust administration including seeking appointments, carrying out his or her duties, and all matters relating to the settlement of an estate and/or trust.
Our services include counsel & representation in:
  • Representing applicants, affiants, executors, and administrators in many counties in various types of court-ordered estate administration including independent administration, dependent administration, muniments of title, heirship judgments, declaratory judgments, and small estate affidavits
  • Representing clients in many counties in various types of non-court ordered estate administration including affidavits of heirship
  • Drafting and preparing family settlement agreements in the representation of beneficiaries, executors, and administrators
  • Representing clients in pursuing withdrawals of claims from The Medicaid Estate Recovery Program after the death of a benefits recipient
  • Representing clients in the administration of various trusts upon termination
  • Decanting existing trusts to new trusts to meet or maintain the client’s goals
  • Will and trust contests & accountings