Real Estate

Our attorneys provide legal services to individuals and business entities concerning the sale, purchase, or development of improved or unimproved residential or commercial real estate. Our firm has many years of experience in the preparation of Deeds and other transfer documents, both residential and commercial leases (for both Landlord or Tenant), purchase and sale agreements, powers of attorney, lien documents, releases, review of title documents, homestead affidavits, party wall agreements and other more complex real estate documents

Our years of representing real estate brokers, developers, business owners, real estate title companies, lenders and builders gives us the experience to represent you in any real estate matter, from simple transfer of title transactions to complicated real estate development or sales transactions.

A few examples of the real estate documents we regularly prepare include Deeds to Trust, Warranty Deeds, Releases, Affidavits of Heirship, Quitclaims, Assumption Deeds, and Guaranty Agreements. Our real estate transaction practice also prepares buy-sell contracts, land contracts, earnest money contracts, commercial leases, residential leases, deed restrictions, liens, homebuilding contracts, subcontractor agreements, land development contracts, and fee development agreements.

Our attorneys have provided legal assistance to commercial and individual lenders for many years. We have experience in the preparation of loan and security documents for construction loans, both residential and commercial, real estate documents for substantial residential communities and commercial tracts. We prepare purchase money loan documents, home equity loan documents and Deeds of Trust.

In the event that the loan goes into default, our attorneys can assist lenders in the foreclosure of the real estate that secures their loans.

Our firm represents individual clients, developers, builders, various title companies and lending institutions in preparation of real estate and financial documents. We prepare documentation and administer projects from the simplest cash deed to the more complex condominium office projects or real estate development projects.

A few examples of the financial documents we routinely prepare include note packages, owner-finance loan packages, assumption loan packages, loan wrap packages, mechanic’s lien contract and note packages, second lien note and deed of trust packages, note and security agreement for fixtures and non realty, and note and collateral assignment.

Our practice in this area includes representation in:

  • Acquisition & Development
  • Financing
  • Homestead Affidavits
  • Lien Documents
  • Operation of Commercial Property
  • Purchase & Sale
  • Releases
  • Title Review and Resolution